About Us

TJ's Pizza & FundRaising Co. is a St. Louis based pizza manufacturer. Originating as a restaurant in the early 80's, we began offering a frozen product a few years later. This progression was encouraged by an ever increasing demand for our signature TJ's "St. Louis Style" pizza. We are now very well known throughout the Midwest as being the very best frozen pizza available anywhere!

We are priced competitively and are offered in a full fundraising program that includes Desserts, Braided Breads, Cookie Dough and Coffee which yields a profit between 40% & 50% for groups as well as individuals. Our fundraising process is easy and efficient and we are here to help you along the way! We thank you for visiting and cordially invite you to browse our website and see all the many delicious reasons why you should be raising funds with TJ's Pizza & FundRaising Co.